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Let's Talk Cold Foam

It's the latest milk trend to hit the coffee world storm, but what is Cold Foam?

It's a silky smooth, cloud-like, aerated milk, that will be sure to satisfy your hot-weather cravings. It can be enjoyed over an iced espresso or used to create fabulous frappes with a twist. With Summer just around the corner, we would highly recommend adding some cold foam options to your drinks menu.

When creating cold foam you will need to ensure you use skimmed milk only. Semi-skimmed and whole milk contain more fat so are less effective at forming a cold foam. The presence of fat weakens the protein structures, inhibiting their bond formation and subsequent ability to trap air.

Cold Foam Recipes:

Chocolate Mint Cold Foam Frappe

  1. Fill cup with ice, then top with milk over ice (1cm to below the top)
  2. Add contents to blender jug with frappe and mint syrup and blend until smooth
  3. Blend milk and chocolate syrup in blender jug until smooth and frothy
  4. Pour frappe into a glass, top with cold foam and garnish with mint sprig

Raspberry Mocha Cold Foam

  1. Blend milk, syrup and ice cube in blender
  2. Mix chocolate and double espresso together
  3. Fill glass 3/4 full with ice then pour mocha mix over ice
  4. Top with the raspberry cold foam and enjoy

Skinny Caramel Caffe Freddo

  1. Add a few cubes of ice to a small jug, then add double espresso and syrup over ice
  2. Blend milk in blender
  3. Fill glass to 3/4 full with ice, then add cold foam over ice
  4. Stain chilled espresso and syrup over milk and ice and serve
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