Coffee Machines for Home

Transform your mornings into a personal coffee shop experience with our Home Espresso Machine collection. Elevate your home brewing ritual and savor a uniquely crafted coffee adventure. Explore top brands like Crem, Iberital and LaRhea today!


Which Coffee Machine Should I Buy?


Manual Hand Brews vs Coffee Machine

When it comes to brewing coffee at home, the choice often narrows down to coffee presses and coffee machines for home. Coffee presses, such as the French press, are simple and manual, providing a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. They require no electricity and are highly portable. However, coffee machines, particularly espresso machines and bean-to-cup models, offer convenience and versatility. They automate much of the brewing process, providing consistent results and allowing for the preparation of a variety of coffee types, from espressos to cappuccinos. For those who enjoy experimenting with different coffee drinks and prefer a quick, consistent brew, a coffee machine might be the better option.


Pod vs Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Pod home coffee machines are incredibly convenient, offering quick and easy brewing with minimal cleanup. They are ideal for those who want a no-fuss coffee experience and don’t mind the recurring cost of coffee pods. However, bean-to-cup coffee machines provide a fresher and more customisable coffee experience. These home coffee machines grind whole beans on demand, ensuring maximum freshness and flavour. While they require more maintenance and a higher upfront investment, they cater to coffee aficionados who value the quality and variety of their brews.


How to Use a Coffee Machine


Using a coffee machine can seem daunting at first, but with a few simple steps, you can master the art of brewing. Start by filling the water reservoir and ensuring your machine is clean. If you're using a bean-to-cup domestic coffee machine, fill the hopper with Summit Coffee Beans. For pod machines, insert the coffee pod. Press the start button for extraction. Some domestic coffee machines, like the Jura WE8, have a One-Touch function that makes this process even easier. Once your coffee is brewed, clean your domestic coffee maker machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain its performance.


Coffee Machine Accessories


Enhance your coffee-making experience with essential accessories. A good milk frother is crucial for making lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based coffee drinks. Syrups, such as Simply Syrups, can add a burst of flavour to your coffee, allowing you to customise your drink to your taste. Machine filtration systems are also important to ensure your domestic coffee maker machine runs efficiently and your coffee tastes its best by removing impurities from the water.


Our Favourite Domestic Coffee Machines


Crem ONE 2B R-GSP PID Dual Espresso Coffee Machine

The Crem ONE 2B R-GSP PID Dual Espresso Coffee Machine is a compact, premium-grade espresso domestic coffee machine. With its modern design and state-of-the-art technology, it offers professional-level performance. Key features include an E-61 group head, double manometer, and a smart drip tray, ensuring an intuitive and ergonomic user experience. The OLED display with 4 buttons makes it incredibly easy to operate, delivering outstanding in-cup quality every time.


Iberital IB7 1 Group Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine

The Iberital IB7 is a robust and durable espresso domestic coffee machine designed for small spaces. Despite its compact size, it delivers big on performance, making it perfect for home use. Its design, inspired by vintage machines, combines a classic aesthetic with advanced technology. Features include a mono boiler system, electronic dosage, volumetric control, and a pre-infusion system. The stainless steel steam wand and barista area LED lighting further enhance its functionality and user experience.


Jura WE8 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Jura WE8 is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a wide variety of speciality coffees. Suitable for both home and small office use, it can produce up to 30 cups per day. The 3-litre water tank, 500g bean container, and 25-portion coffee grounds container make it highly practical. Its One-Touch function allows you to create drinks like latte macchiato and flat white with ease, while the modern TFT display ensures user-friendly operation.




Which coffee machine is best for home?

The best coffee machine for your home depends on your needs and preferences. For those who value convenience, a pod machine might be ideal. Coffee enthusiasts who prioritise flavour and customisation may prefer a bean-to-cup machine like the Jura WE8.


How do I know what coffee machine to buy?

Consider factors such as your budget, space, and how you like your coffee. Research features and read reviews to find a machine that suits your lifestyle.


Are coffee machines worth it?

If you enjoy coffee and want to save money in the long run by making it at home, investing in a quality coffee machine can be worthwhile.


Do cheap coffee machines make good coffee?

Some inexpensive home coffee machines can make decent coffee, but they often lack the features and consistency of higher-end models. Investing in a reliable machine ensures better quality and longevity.

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