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Shmoo is the leading milkshake brand in the UK. Explore our extensive range of Shmoo Milkshake packages and experience the deliciousness of our milkshake powder. Create thick shakes in seconds with Shmoo’s easy-to-use powder, made with natural flavours and colours that stand out among other thick milkshake brands. Enjoy free next-day delivery on all orders over £59 with same-day dispatch if ordered before 4:30 PM. Upgrade your menu today with Shmoo Milkshakes. Browse our wide range of Shmoo flavours and save with our Shmoo Milkshake packages and bundles. 

About Shmoo 

Shmoo Milkshake’s journey began in 1996 when, upon returning from Australia, Shmoo’s founders knew that they needed to make British milkshakes great. Shmoo milkshakes are unique and promise great results every time. With their unique combinations of ingredients, sellers love Shmoo’s great products for their consistency, simplicity, and excellent results. 

Shmoo milkshakes are made with no preservatives, artificial colouring, or sweeteners, making them perfect for children. With just 5% sugar content, they are low in calories (95 per 13 fl oz), 99% fat-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians. Plus, they contain the goodness of milk, which is high in protein. Shmoo also offers vegan milkshake options, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences. Serve them in diner-style glasses or branded cups with straws and lids available in 2 different sizes, small 13fl oz and large 22fl oz. Shmoo’s cups and lids are made of PET and 50% recycled PET (which has already been recycled and recovered). They are 100% recyclable and along with Shmoo paper straws. Check out our range of Shmoo accessories to complement your offerings. 


Shmoo is More Than Just a Milkshake Powder 

The Shmoo milkshake brand presents a delightful assortment of flavours in every scoop, including classic options like Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, and Vanilla, as well as exotic flavours like Cappuccino (Shmooaccino), Chocolate Mint and White Chocolate & Raspberry. Easy to prepare with no hassle and no wastage, Shmoo milkshakes offer a tasty treat for all. 

If you're craving more than just a deliciously flavoured shake, you’re in luck! Shmoo milkshakes are a great base for Freakshakes. We've got you covered with our tempting range of treat toppings, featuring marshmallows, chocolate curls, and rainbow strands. Planning for the busy spring and summer seasons? Our Shmoo Starter Kits and Packages have everything you need at a great price. 


Shmoo Milkshake Machines 

Our Starter Kit includes a Red Shmoo Spindle Mixer, a 3-tub milkshake package (Chocolate, Banana, and Strawberry milkshake mix), a Shmoo toppings package (pink & white micro marshmallows, milk chocolate curls, and rainbow strands), a stainless steel beaker, and point-of-sale materials. These comprehensive milkshake starter kits offer fantastic value for money, ensuring you'll recoup your investment before you've even sold everything included in this convenient all-in-one kit. 



How many calories are in a Shmoo milkshake?  

A Shmoo milkshake contains 95 calories per 13 fl oz serving. 


How to make a Shmoo milkshake?  

To make a Shmoo milkshake, simply mix Shmoo milkshake powder with milk using our Shmoo Milkshake Mixer until smooth and creamy. 


What are Shmoo milkshakes?  

Shmoo milkshakes are delicious, easy-to-make shakes made from high-quality milkshake powder, available in a variety of flavours and free from artificial additives. 


How much milk do you need for a Shmoo milkshake?  

Typically, you need about 200ml of milk to mix with powder from our Shmoo powder tubs for a single serving. 


What does a Shmoo taste like?  

Shmoo milkshakes offer a rich, creamy taste with natural flavours that range from classic Chocolate and Strawberry to exotic options like Raspberry & White Chocolate or Chocolate Mint. 


Is Shmoo milkshake vegan? 

Yes, Shmoo offers vegan milkshake options to cater to a variety of dietary needs. 


What are the ingredients in Shmoo milkshake powder?  

Shmoo milkshake powder is made with natural flavours and colours, without preservatives, artificial colouring, or sweeteners. It includes a mix of sugar, milk solids, flavourings, and other natural ingredients to ensure a delicious taste and creamy texture. 

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