Azkoyen Vitro Cup Warmer

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The Vitro Cup Warmer has been designed to match the general aesthetic of the range providing a coherent and stylish look to the set.

The perfect cup of coffee is a matter of optimal combination of different elements - cup temperature amongst them. Hence the Vitro Cup Warmer is developed to warm those cups made of *materials capable to retain head - allowing to maintain the coffee crema, aroma and tastes for longer in the cup. (Lavazza recommends a 40c preheat of cups).

We only recommend the use of Porcelain, China and Glass cups in this cup warmer.

It has 4 heated shelves - 48 cups (80mm diameter)

The cup warmer can be left or right hand fitted (though left-hand fitting is advised)


  • Weight: 22KG
  • Dimensions: W: 300mm - D: 340mm - H: 638mm
  • Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • Resistance Power: 75W
  • Temperature Supply: 30-60c
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