Diamant 3 Group


Diamant 3 Group.

The Diamant is an exclusive espresso machine that is fully-equipped with technical innovations and high-class finishing touches.

The machine is created to draw attention, both for its beautiful design and for its genuine quality.

Optionally, the Diamant can be ordered in custom colours and with the equipment you want.

This three group coffee machine is built with the latest in innovative properties and technical solutions to create its premium high quality build finish.

It is a premium espresso machine with 3 boilers: one dedicated to the hot water and steam, and one for each group head therefore obtaining a great consistent brewing temperature accross all group heads. Additionally, there is the option to individually set each boiler to a certain temperature with a section above the group heads displaying set temperature when the espresso shot is dispensing. This allows for  increased options and choice so you can execute different coffees and espresso styles.

Retaining a traditional style espresso coffee machine with 3 groups, the Diamant also boasts an electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, automatic water filling and a premium copper boiler. Skillfully created by experienced staff from factories in Sweden and Spain, this coffee machine is ready to meet any espresso challenge. The Expobar Diamant coffee machine has a wide range of colours to customise the design of your espresso machine (please note that the back of the machine is always in stainless steel).

TECHINAL DATA: Boiler - 17.5 Litres /  Width - 1080mm / Depth - 620mm / Height - 600mm / Element - 3050W

Key Machine features:
• Aluminium frame with pearl finish and stainless steel details
• Built-in volumetric motor pump
• Copper boiler with group heat exchangers - 11.5 litre capacity
• Boiler drain tap
• Brew group with direct pre-infusion chamber
• 3 heat insulated steam wands, 2 two standard ones and 1 equipped with a temperature sensor

Electronic Control Panel Features:
• 2 automatic hot water taps
• Advertising display
• Dispensed coffees memory setting
• Clock adjustment: current date and time
• Daily machine auto-switch On / Off
• Dispensed “infusions” memory setting
• Digital boiler temperature control and display
• Maximum precision temperature control using PID technology
• Auto-fill hot water boiler
• Water pump low water level auto cut-off
• Boiler low water level warning light
• Heating element low water level auto cut-off
• Automatic brew group back flushing
• 4 different programmable coffee doses per group head
• Descale warning promp light
• Language selector display
• Maintenance warning light
• Colour light adjustment
• Digital brew time control
• Grind setting adjustment warning light
• Separate 1.5 litre boiler per brewing group (1.2Kw) on Barista models
• Available as Take-Away model for tall cups
• Optional Cappuccinatore device
• Filter handles with Teflon coated inner
• Teflon coated system wand

Standard Accessories:
• 1 single filter
• 3 double filter handles

Colour Options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue

Please click the ‘enquire’ button to request further details on this machine or call us direct on 01435 860 000.

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