SnackBreak Vending Machine

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SnackBreak Vending Machine.

The SnackBreak is an extremely reliable, very high capacity and highly flexible snack machine which is easily configurable to accommodate individual client requirements. Featuring attractive DarenthMJS styling, it performs extremely well as a “stand alone” unit or can be banked with other DarenthMJS hot and cold machine options. The optional 4 can selection module enhances overall capacity and increases the user’s choice even further.

  • User friendly programming and operation
  • Double glazed, thermally insulated display panel
  • Easy fill tray system
  • Individual price setting for all products
  • Easy clean trays with chrome effect spirals
  • Quadruple locking points on main door for extra security
  • Crystal clear lighting system for maximum display impact

 Techinical Data:

Standard machine capacity:

Crisp tray

Confectionary tray

PET bottle

Optional can module

Standard configuration

Maximum capacity

3 selections – 27 products per tray

6 selections – 84 products per tray

6 selections – 36 products per tray

4 selections – 29 cans per section

33 selections – 369 products
(3 x crisp, 3 x confectionery, 1 x PET bottle )

39 selections – 531 products
(1 x crisp, 6 x confectionery)

Machine Dimensions:

725mm (w) x 1850mm (h) x 890mm (d)

Machine Weight:

Machine Weight with can module:

280 Kg

305 Kg

Operating Voltage:

Maximum power consumption:

Power Cable:

220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase

400W (13A fuse)

1.5 metre mains lead

  • Insulated and refrigerated cabinet
  • Electronically programmable temperature control
  • Automatic defrost
  • Zoned temperature control when fitted with can module ensuring cans are served ice cold
  • Can be fitted with electronic coin validator which accepts all coins plus token, full change-giver and/or I-Key cashless payment system
  • The machine can be used as a slave to several DarenthMJS hot drinks machines, eliminating the need for a separate payment system altogether with the obvious cost savings


Please click the ‘enquire’ button to request further details on this machine or call us direct on 01435 860 000.


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