Goodbye to Polystyrene!

Goodbye to Polystyrene!
ADS Coffee Supplies Admin

Every year we throw away millions of tonnes of plastic, and vast amounts of this finds its way into our oceans. With the ever increasing demand to look after our planet and reduce plastic waste, worldwide, we have made it our mission as a company to play our part in this as best we can.

At the end of last year we launched our Eco Disposable range. Currently available within this range are Cups, Lids, Cup Carriers, Coffee Sleeves, Straws, Stirrers & Paper Plates. With the aspiration of continuing to better our plastic footprint, we will continue to add products to this range throughout 2019.

All of these Eco products are biodegradable and compostable, meaning they are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoid polluting our wonderful planet and the creatures that live on it.

Further to the launch of our Eco products, we made the decision in December to no longer stock Polystyrene disposables as of the 1st January 2019, due to the destructive impact they have on our planet.

Polystyrene is another type of plastic, also know as "Styrofoam", which expands with air. Styrofoam plays a huge role in the plastic problem we have in our oceans. Being made up of 95% air, its buoyancy allows it to float into waterways, eventually making it to the ocean where it then gets broken down into smaller pieces and ingested by marine life.

One digested by the marine life, it not only provides them with a cocktail of harmful chemicals, but this then gets passed up the food chain into our food and water supplies. Being very light, Styrofoam also ends up littering our streets and beaches and causing further harm to our precious wildlife on land.

There is still a lot more to be done to help our planet and we are all guilty of not doing enough, but we are proud to be taking steps as a company to ensure we play our part in helping towards the reduction of plastic waste.


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