How to Choose the Right Coffee Grinder: A Guide for Coffee Connoisseurs

How to Choose the Right Coffee Grinder: A Guide for Coffee Connoisseurs
Sophie Parker

If you're a coffee lover, you probably know that the key to a great cup of coffee is freshly ground beans. That's where a good coffee grinder comes into play. But with so many options available in the market, how do you choose the right one for your brewing methods and preferences? In this guide, we'll take you through the steps of selecting the best coffee grinder and provide insight into two reputable brands, Markibar Coffee grinders and Eureka Coffee grinders, which you can find at Allied Drinks.


Why Does the Grinder Matter?

Before we dive into choosing the perfect coffee grinder, let's understand why it's crucial. The consistency of your coffee grounds significantly affects the flavour and quality of your brew. Different brewing methods require different grind sizes, and the right grinder will allow you to achieve that consistency, ultimately enhancing your coffee experience.


Grinding Basics

There are two main types of coffee grinders: blade grinders and burr grinders. Burr grinders are the preferred choice for coffee aficionados due to their ability to produce consistently sized coffee grounds. Blade grinders are more affordable but tend to result in uneven grinds.

Now, let's explore how to select the right coffee grinder based on your preferences and brewing methods:


  1. Determine Your Brewing Method

The grind size needed for your coffee varies depending on the brewing method you prefer. Here's a quick reference guide:


Espresso: For this method, you need a fine and consistent grind. Look for a grinder that offers precise adjustments, as espresso requires a specific grind size.


Pour-Over: A medium to medium-fine grind works best for pour-over brewing. Consistency is key to extract the full flavour, so a burr grinder is your top choice.


French Press: Coarse grounds are perfect for French press. A burr grinder with coarse grind settings will do the job well.


AeroPress: This method can be flexible, but a medium-fine grind is generally recommended. Opt for a grinder that can easily switch between settings.


Cold Brew: Cold brew requires a coarse grind, so a grinder with coarse settings is necessary.


  1. Consider Your Budget

Coffee grinders come in a range of prices. While it’s tempting to splurge on an expensive model, you can find great grinders to suit various budgets. Markibar and Eureka both offer a variety of options, so you're likely to find one that fits your price range. Eureka Coffee grinders are more focused for home / domestic coffee brewers, with their Mignon budget range. Whereas Markibar’s range is designed for high volume and is perfect for coffee shops.


  1. Evaluate Grind Consistency

Consistency is paramount in achieving the desired flavour from your coffee. Look for grinders that offer a wide range of grind settings and provide uniform results. Burr grinders are renowned for their grind consistency.


  1. Capacity Matters

Think about how much coffee you brew at a time. If you brew for a family or a crowd, a grinder with a larger hopper and capacity might be more practical. For personal use, a compact grinder should suffice. The Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder is a perfect choice.


Markibar Coffee Grinders

Markibar, known for their high-quality coffee equipment, offers a range of coffee grinders that cater to various preferences. Their grinders are designed for reliability and precision, making them an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts. With their patented Grind-By-Weight design, you can rely on perfect doses, every time.

You can explore Markibar's selection at ADS Coffee Supplies - Markibar Grinders.


Eureka Coffee Grinders

Eureka Coffee grinders are another reputable brand that produces outstanding grinders for coffee lovers. They are known for their innovation and attention to detail, ensuring a consistent and precise grind.

Visit ADS Coffee Supplies - Eureka Grinders to browse through the Eureka Coffee grinder options and discover the features that suit your needs.



Selecting the right coffee grinder is a crucial step in elevating your coffee experience. By considering your brewing method, budget, grind consistency, and capacity, you can make an informed choice. Brands like Markibar and Eureka, available at ADS Coffee Supplies, offer a wide selection of grinders to match your preferences.

Investing in a quality coffee grinder is an investment in your daily coffee enjoyment. So, take your time, do your research, and savour the delightful flavours of freshly ground coffee in every cup.

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