The Importance of Regularly Changing Your Water Filter

The Importance of Regularly Changing Your Water Filter
Sophie Parker

If you own a coffee machine, whether it's a traditional group machine or small domestic machine, maintaining it properly is crucial to ensuring the best-tasting coffee and to extend the life of your appliance. 

One very important aspect of this is regularly changing the water filter and there are several reasons why;

Improved Water Quality: The primary purpose of a water filter in a coffee machine is to improve the quality of water used for brewing. Tap water often contains impurities like chlorine, sediments, and minerals, which can negatively impact the taste and aroma of your coffee. By using a water filter, you can reduce these impurities and ensure that your coffee tastes as it should.

Prevention of Scale Buildup: In areas with hard water (water high in mineral content, such as calcium and magnesium), limescale buildup can occur inside the coffee machine over time. Limescale can clog the internal components, affecting water flow and the overall performance of the machine. A water filter helps reduce the mineral content, minimising the risk of limescale formation.

Prolonging Machine Life: Regularly changing the water filter can help to extend the lifespan of your coffee machine. By preventing scale buildup, the machine can operate more efficiently and experience less wear and tear over time, resulting in less expensive service call outs to repair the machine. 

Hygiene and Health: A properly maintained water filter helps ensure that your coffee machine stays clean and free from any bacterial growth. It provides a level of hygiene assurance in the water used for brewing, promoting a safe and healthy coffee consumption experience.

Manufacturer's Recommendation: Many coffee machine manufacturers recommend changing the water filter regularly as part of routine maintenance. Following the manufacturer's guidelines helps keep your coffee machine in peak condition and may also be necessary to maintain the warranty coverage.

The frequency of changing the water filter in a coffee machine can vary depending on the type of coffee machine, the water quality in your area, and how frequently you use the machine. However, a general guideline for most coffee machines is to replace the water filter every three to six months. 

So, when did you last change your coffee machines water filter? If it's time yours was replaced, you'll find our full range of coffee machine water filters here

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