New Way of Ordering Shmoo

New Way of Ordering Shmoo
ADS Coffee Supplies Admin

Why are Shmoo disposables no longer provided free of charge with my tub of Shmoo?

Shmoo have recently made a change to the way you order Shmoo products. They have created a new & improved way of ordering, to allow customers the freedom to choose how they wish to serve their Shmoo milkshakes.

Previously, you would purchase a tub of Shmoo and select what size disposables you would like to add to your order - free of charge. Now, Shmoo disposables are an optional chargeable add-on. 

This new way of ordering offers cheaper tub prices without disposables and gives you the option to add disposables to your order, should you wish to. 

This change also stems from an attempt to cut down on disposable plastic waste by promoting other alternatives such as Milkshake Glasses and Stainless Steel Mixing Beaker to serve your Shmoo shakes in. 

You can view our full range of Shmoo products here. Our tub packages are a great way to SAVE! The more tubs you order the cheaper the price per tub. 

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