Summer with Shmoo

Summer with Shmoo
Sophie Parker

Looking for a delicious and easy way to add milkshakes to your drinks menu this summer? Look no further than Shmoo - the UK's number one milkshake package! With Shmoo milkshake, you'll never have to worry about mess or waste thanks to its unique mix-in-cup system. Simply add milk to the cup, add a scoop of the Shmoo powder, and mix on the Shmoo mixer for 20-30 seconds. 

Shmoo is available in eight mouth-watering flavours, including classics like chocolate and strawberry, as well as more unique options like chocolate mint and bubblegum. No matter what your customers' taste preferences are, there is a Shmoo flavour that is sure to satisfy.

So why wait? Add Shmoo to your drinks menu today and start serving up delicious thick shakes with ease. Your customers will love the taste of Shmoo, and you'll love the simplicity and efficiency of the mix-in-cup system. Try Shmoo now and see why it's the number one milkshake package in the UK!

Start selling Shmoo today with the Shmoo Milkshake Package. Click here for details. 

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